In the fall of 2020, Festival TransAmériques launched FTA Respirations in solidarity with a community that has been heavily affected by the pandemic. In 2021, FTA reasserts a determination to foster artistic creation and encourage experimentation: Respirations is here to stay as a research and development lab for artistic practices.

The principal focus of FTA Respirations is the creative process. They offer a space for artistic research and development, along with time to oneself, which FTA’s Associate Dramaturg Emmanuelle Jetté has discreetly documented. Through a series of short texts, she outlines these projects below, which remain little-known to the public.

#1 – Inhabiting the space, now more than ever

Lucy M. May, Amanda Acorn and Catherine Lavoie-Marcus question the manner in which we inhabit our bodies, both individual and social, and the way we take care of them.

#2 – Writings of reality, a plural self

Anne-Marie Guilmaine, Marilou Craft and Sophie Gee have taken the path of writing to explore their own theatrical practices.

#3 – For a vibrant after-world

It is hard to believe that we will soon find ourselves on the same dance floor. Yet the projects of Parker Mah and Elle Barbara dare to defy reality.

#4 – The art of coming together

Artistic approaches from dancers and choreographers 7Starr, Naishi Wang and Benjamin Kamino favour exchanges, both behind and before the stage. Here is a tribute to dialogue.

#5 – Beyond Artistic Creation, Resistance

Works by Sovann Rochon-Prom Tep, Ellen Furey, Malik Nashad Sharpe and the company projets hybris all reflect an urgent need to reconfigure current practices and assumptions.

#6 – Bleu Néon

Real and imagined memories of a faraway—and at times imagined—Vietnam. Bleu Néon recounts the Kim-Sanh Châu’s quest for identity.

#7 – Parler mal

Gabriel Robichaud and Bianca Richard explore the stigmatization of accents and the internalized linguistic discrimination they face daily as Acadians.

#8 – The Cloud

The Cloud by Alexis O’Hara et Atom Cianfarani reveals the actual effect of each digital transaction and deconstructs the mythos of the cloud, an invisible space.


MANUAL by Christopher Willes and Adam Kinner seeks to disrupt the library experience by highlighting the sensory nature of reading.

#10 – Wahsipekuk / Kashipekut

With the project Wahsipekuk / Kashipekut, Ivanie Aubin-Malo and Natasha Kanapé-Fontaine are working to gather ancestral knowledge from their own and other Indigenous communities to preserve for future generations.