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FTA Playground

Fantastic Afro-feminisms

Rébecca Chaillon + Amandine Gay +
Marilou Craft

Long-time collaborators Rébecca Chaillon and Amandine Gay, who both adopt an Afro-feminist, queer approach in their work, discuss what kind of tools, actions, and care are needed to find other ways of being, living, and creating. Generous helpings of coffee, croissants, and thrilling futures will be served.

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Rébecca Chaillon (Montreuil + Creil) Dans le ventre

With a highly personal approach to writing, whose themes are at once intimate, political, and universal, Rébecca Chaillon has created works taking various forms.

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Amandine Gay (Montreal)

Amandine works in creation and advocacy. She has been a director/producer (Ouvrir La Voix, 2017; Une Histoire à Soi, 2021), an author (Une Poupée en Chocolat, 2021), and an activist (creation of Adoptee Month in 2018), and defines herself as a political author with a fluid writing style.

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Marilou Craft (Montreal)

Marilou Craft works in Tiohtià:ke/Mooniyaang (Montreal) as a word, performance, and undisciplinary artist.

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